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Based out of Los Angeles County, Guenther A. Richter is a trial attorney that has been practicing law since 2005. Mr. Richter is dedicated to providing the best legal services possible and has been recognized by our peers as a Super Lawyer and Rising Star (top two percent of practicing attorneys) since 2013.

Mr. Richter began his journey in the legal field with business and real estate litigation but has been practicing family law for approximately thirteen years. His background in business and real estate litigation has helped him understand and handle more complicated cases involving businesses or property.

We are proud to say that Mr. Richter is involved in every step of the legal process, from discovery to trial. Most importantly, he strives to keep his clients involved and informed throughout the entire process. When you work with other lawyers, you might not receive the same amount of transparency as you would with us. Our team goes above and beyond, making sure to pay attention to even the smallest details in each case. We understand how much is at stake for our clients and will do everything we can to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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Guenther A. Richter's List of Trials:

Futurelink v WebTV

02/2007 - Chatsworth, CA

(1 day- Second Chair)

Behr v. Redmond

02/2009 - Riverside, CA

(11 day jury trial- Second Chair)

Pacific Lightwave, Inc. V. gelhoff

12/22/2010 - INC 10011445/Indio, CA

(Represented Plaintiff in theft of trade secrets and unfair business practices. TRO and Preliminary Injunction granted).

Shah v. Michael E. Platt, M.D., Inc., et.al.

07/20/2011 - INC 078981/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial)- Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

In re: Michael E. Platt, M.D.

11/2011 - Admin Hearing/San Diego, CA

(Settled after 1st day of 35 day trial- Settlement for 1 year suspension rather than permanent revocation of physician license)

Scott Burch Design, Inc. v. Nita Roberts World Wide, Inc. et. Al.

04/02/2012 - INC 10002474/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial) Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

Skordoulis v. Fidelity National Title Ins., et. al

05/9-2012-05/10/2012 - INC 091596/ Indio, CA

(4 day bench trial- Stopped foreclosure on $3.7M commercial property)

Stewart v. Meehan

11/01/2012 - INV 1200932/ Indio, CA

(1 day bench trial)- Ended in favorable settlement for Defendant

Sanchez v. Harding

01/15/2013-01/18/2013 - 12U02577/ Lancaster, CA

(7 day jury trial- Favorable settlement after Jury Selection)

Silverio v. Mogul Corporation

07/15/2013-07/25/2013 - CIVRS 1202004/ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

(10 day jury trial- Complaint for D; X- Complaint for X-D)

AmailCenter Franchise Corp v. Country Club Village, LLC

08/12/2013-08/16/2013 - INC 1203017/ Indio, CA

(5 day jury trial- Favorable settlement during Jury Selection)

Halo Resorts v. Banks

08/19/2013 - BAC 1300606/ Banning, CA

(1 day bench trial- Judgment in Client's favor)

Moss v. Hokkaido Management, Inc

08/11/2015 - BC 523776/ Los Angeles, CA

(15 day trial- Court ruled that Plaintiff waived jury on motion by Defendant; after 7 days of trial ended in mistrial and Plaintiff dismissing action with prejudice)

Guenther A. Richter's Arbitrations

Toll Brothers v. Palm Desert Terracina


Case Number/Location: JAMS 1230010860/Palm Springs, CA

Guenther A. Richter's Settlements

Meehan v. Agren

11/27/2012 - INC1200694

Indio CA $88,912.50