Comprehensive Family Law

About Our Services

When litigation is unavoidable, The Law Offices of Guenther A. Richter will never hesitate to go to Court to advocate for your best interests. However, we also encourage the use of mediation and arbitration to amicably resolve family law disputes wherever possible and if practicable. In our experience, Clients often save time and money by utilizing such alternative techniques. Below is a list of the Comprehensive Family Law Services we provide:

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-Dissolution of Marriage ( Divorce) -Paternity Issues

-Property Distribution -Dissolution of Domestic Partnership and Same Sex Marriage

-Spousal and Child Support -Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

-Complex Custody and Move-away Cases -Post-Divorce Support and Custody Modifications

-International Custody Cases -Family Law Appeals

-Child Custody Modification -Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

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